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Jennifer Obaseki – Who am I?


Ms. Jennifer Obaseki on #Sky Channel 589 FOUNDER AND SENIOR PARTNER Holding a BA in Law and Economics, she founded – Obaseki Solicitors and is the senior partner. With her successes in representing clients with difficult immigration and human rights matters spreading internationally, the practice is considered to have leading influence.The firm specialises and is dedicated to improving human rights , family rights as well as assisting clients to develop successful businesses- they have acquired anumber of awardsand extensive testimonials.

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Obaseki Solicitors are situated in 27 Bentley Road, London, N1 4BY. We are an exclusive practice offering National and International experience to ensure your legal matters are managed professionally & successfully.

Business Growth

With over 25 years experience in business, I provide and establish business services for the growth and expansion of your company using different strategies to ensure your team and business reaches its full potential. 


Community education and building societies to become better and do better. Coming from a minority ethnic group, I understand the challenges and aim to support and empower communities.

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